Programs and Scholarships

Thanks to the Legacy Builders of Woodbury Galas, occurring each year since 2010, as well as several targeted donations, the foundation has been able to support several programs within its first three years of operation.

Educational Scholarships

Several educational scholarships have been awarded to local elementary students. Additional information about scholarships can be found using the scholarship information links below, or contact us with your questions.  

Teacher Education/Professional Development Program Criteria

Criteria for granting funding for proposals may include the following considerations.  Additional information can be found using the grant application forms below.
  • Direct benefit to students.
  • Experiences lacking financial support from other sources.
  • Opportunities to share the benefits of the development experience with other educators.
  • Costs and benefits.
  • Consideration of distribution among all worthy application submissions.
SmartBoard Training
SmartBoards are interactive electronic “whiteboards” and are widely recognized as a highly effective classroom teaching tool. Students and teachers easily interact as curricular content is presented visually and auditorily. SmartBoard training was provided for eight teachers and staff of Footprints Academy. In addition, the Legacy Builders of Woodbury approved the purchase of another SmartBoard for Footprints Academy.    
Singapore Math Training
Singapore Math is the method of math instruction developed and used throughout Singapore where students consistently score among those at the top of international tests such as the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). The Singapore Math curriculum is rigorous, building upon concrete understandings of numbers and basic math functions in the early years, to developing mastery in solving multistep word problems in the middle grades. Footprints Academy classroom teachers attended advanced Singapore Math training in early September of 2010.  
Core Knowledge Training
Formal training in Core Knowledge curriculum is planned for this current school year for Footprints Academy teachers. Core Knowledge is based on the belief that while recognizing that events and technology are constantly changing, there is a body of lasting knowledge and skills that form the core of a comprehensive Preschool to Grade 8 curriculum. For example, every child should learn the fundamentals of science, basic principles of government, important events in world history, essential elements of mathematics, widely acknowledged master pieces of art and music from around the world, and stories and poems passed down from generation to generation.  
Children with special learning or educational needs
An important objective of Legacy Builders of Woodbury is to support the needs of children who have special learning or educational needs. Para-professionals play a key role in helping such students achieve high academic standards. Because of the support of donors and parents, Legacy Builders of Woodbury has been able to provide funding for para-professionals at local schools.  
Additional Conferences and Teacher Training
Some examples of conferences and training supported by Legacy Builders of Woodbury.
  •  "What Great Teachers Do" - a workshop offered through Learner's Edge.
  •  "I Teach K" - a national conference for Kindergarten teachers.
  • Hamline University Literary Institute for K-6.
  • Conference for Minnesota Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Teachers.
  • Music Education Workshops, presented by Kodaly Chapter of Minnesota.
  • Building Successful Readers in All Content Areas.
  • Camp Read-A-Lot Workshops.
  • Bureau of Education and Research K-6 Children's Literature Conference.