What is Legacy Builders of Woodbury?

Established in 2010, Legacy Builders of Woodbury is an educational non-profit with a mission of benefiting children and educators in the Woodbury community through educational scholarships, continuing education and training for teachers and support for children’s education within Woodbury as a whole. The foundation supports programs and curriculum development through grants and initiatives that span all levels of learning and that impact all students. Visit the Programs page to learn more.



Our Mission

A 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, Legacy Builders has created five foundational mission points that guide their efforts. They include:
  1. Support teachers continuing educational opportunities;
  2. Support the needs of gifted and talented learners;
  3. Inspire teacher innovation and creativity through curriculum and the use of technology;
  4. Support the needs of children with special learning/educational needs; and to
  5. Create a student educational scholarship fund


Board of Directors

The focus of the board of directors is on soliciting charitable funds which are managed and invested in order to make grants to qualifying requests. Donations are accepted online, in person or via mail. Donations can be made in honor or memory of someone or some event, or via a specific financial arrangement such as a will, life insurance policy or trust.
Nicole Robbins, Executive Director Charles Krejci, Secretary
Greg Allen, Chair William Bradt, Board Member
Jim Richardson, Vice Chair Bruce Sorensen, Board Member
Gary Robbins, Treasurer